Link together your Zaps

Create a link to trigger your Zap when clicked, passing through any data you need. Invaluable for automating your workflow intelligently.


Customise your links to exactly match your needs.

Trigger a Zap

Create a unique link which will trigger a Zap when clicked. Passing through parameters will allow you to use data within this Zap.

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Expire your Link

Choose if the link should last forever, or expire after a certain time.


Single Use

Choose whether the link can be pressed once or multiple times.

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User View

Choose what the user will see. Display some text, HTML or redirect them.

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Linked Links

Link together links to set up a 'this or that' situation. Clicking on one link will expire the other links.



Free to use, or upgrade to increase your usage allowance.

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Some of the things we use Zapier Links for!


If you need to ensure the user who triggered a Zap really is who they say they are, send them an email with a link! Clicking the link will finish the second Zap.


Sign up

Create a 'Click Here to Sign Up' email, which users can use to add themselves to a mailing list simply and efficiently.

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After a user action, send out an email with a link to confirm the action. Can be useful for ensuring entered data is correct.

(225) 309-0835


Send out two or more links, linked together so only one can be clicked. Users can vote by clicking a link, and you can store the data in any form you need.



Create multiple linked links to allow users to give a rating by clicking on images in an email.

(720) 387-3835

Yes/No Questions

Linking two links can allow for a 'Yes/No' link to be sent out, where the user can click either one to trigger different actions.

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